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Jun 13, 2014

It all begins at the beginning.

Please help us give children a lifetime experience of learning to sail. Share with them the gift of independence, self-reliance, self respect and a sense of accomplishment.

The Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation, through the generous donations of our supporters, provides learn to sail scholarships to the youth of our South Florida community. Established learn to sail programs provide an exceptional experience for these first time boaters. Children learn life skills such as respect for others and equipment, communication, problem solving, and a positive attitude. Through fun games and activities, sailors also learn how to identify wind direction, points of sail, basic boat handling skills, knot tying, rules of the road, and water safety.

Many of the LYCSF Sailing Scholarships are awarded based on essay contests in local schools. The LYC Sailing Foundation also helps teach children to sail by sponsoring participants in the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Learn to Sail Program.

“Why I would like to learn to sail”

“Imagine me on a sail boat out in the cool, salty water of the ocean. Now that’s an amazing experience. I hope one day I will earn that opportunity.”

“I think learning to sail would be really fun. Sailing might also help me to focus and persevere. Sailing takes a lot of patience and it is very hard to maneuver the boat. I can’t wait till I learn to sail!”

“I have always wanted to sail a real boat. If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, a picture paints in my mind of my chocolate brown hair flowing in the soft breeze as I stand tall on a beautiful sailboat painted mustard yellow, a deep red, and a sky blue. I really hope I get to sail one day.”

“I think that it would be really fun to learn to sail. If I had to stay home I would have nothing to do and I would be super bored. I think that boats are cool because they float above the water”

In Richard Bode’s masterful book “first you have to row a little boat” he describes how when he was a little boy he was taken under the wing of a legendary sailor. As he applied the simple lessons of sailing he was unaware that their universal nature would serve him well in years to come. The young man learns that to fathom the elements is to achieve mastery over oneself, that as he sails the seas so must he sail the sea of his own life.

You may not have time to teach a child to sail but through your generous contribution you can see to it that a child is given the gift of sailing and all of the life lessons that go with that gift.


“Your donation of $ 250 today will teach a child to sail this summer.”